Medicaid Fraud Recoveries Top $165M In Florida

The Sunshine State– and South Florida– are hotspots for healthcare scams. And in 2016, federal Medicaid Fraud Control Units recuperated more than $165.5 million from examinations and cases in Florida, inning accordance with a brand-new report from the United States Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General.

Florida was 2nd just to New York for Medicaid scams healings in 2015, inning accordance with the report. There were an overall of 664 examinations, 78 indictments and 51 convictions in Florida by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. The $165.5 million in healings is the outcome of cases in Florida and involvement in multi-state civil settlements.

While Florida had a really high dollar-volume of healings, the state really had a fairly low variety of examinations. Other states like California, Texas and Ohio had more than 1,300 examinations, but those cases led to less healings than in Florida. You can find further information on

In all, the state Medicaid Fraud systems was accountable for 1,721 indictments, 1,564 convictions and $1.8 billion in criminal and civil healings, inning accordance with the OIG.

Healthcare scams, consisting of Medicaid and Medicare cases, are widespread in South Florida. In February, brand-new charges were generated a $1 billion Medicare scams and money laundering plan and in January, a home health company owner was founded guilty in a $57 million plan.

Medicaid Fraud Control Units examine and prosecute Medicaid scams in 49 states and the District of Columbia.